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Allow me to capture your pet’s best qualities in a painting that will last for generations! A great memorial and the ultimate, personal gift for any animal lover!

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Welcome to my website!
Who are Two Dogs and a Pig? They, as well as all animals, are my inspiration! All of natures creatures are special, both wild and tame. The only difference between them is that our pets have become our friends and companions!
My love of both will shine through any work I create for you. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work.

In the Spotlight!

“Birdie Bird” 8/2012

Black and White Too!
XS birdie

This was a hard one! My reference was very difficult,
but I gave it my best shot :) The image doesn’t quite do it justice though.

AKA-”Cat from Hell”


“Keagan”, Golden Retriever.
Acrylic Whimsical 18x18 5/29/2011

4 Cats

Want to see the stages of the painting process? Watch the progression of this portrait by clicking here. This is one of my favorite portraits, it took a lot of work and I’m very proud of the finished piece.

Rhonda, I just wanted to share that my husband,
(I gave him the painting you did of our four kitties Nuhdz, Rupert, Lizzie & Yenta for his 50th a couple years ago)
still raves about it and this past weekend he was telling people about the best present he ever received.
Still loving it,                                                     
 :D  3/22/2010

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